Trico Changemakers Studio

Naming Sponsor
2018 – Present

Calgary and Mount Royal University will be home to the Trico Changemakers Studio when it opens in 2018.   Located in the Bissett School of Business the Studio will be a co-working and learning space designed to bring together community members and students who share a passion for innovation, collaboration and bringing big ideas to fruition. The Trico Changemakers Studio will serve as an incubator where students and like-minded community members turn collaboration into creation and local social ventures into global realizations.

MRU’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Institute for Community Prosperity knew Trico Homes was an obvious partner to help advance their ambitious endeavor into a reality.

The belief of “doing well by doing good” is deeply rooted into the DNA of the entire Trico Homes organization and is stronger than ever as the company celebrates 25 years of building homes and community in Calgary.  Trico’s passion for advancing social entrepreneurship dates back to 2008 when Trico’s founder and CEO, Wayne Chiu started the Trico Charitable Foundation whose mission is to provoke innovation and guild capacity in social entrepreneurship.